Fun Way to Solve Homework and What the Parent Should Do

The world is different comparing decades ago. Many aspects have changed significantly including education. Today, some schools abolish and prohibit homework. It sounds interesting and exciting. Students would like to be in this kind of school. Even though there is no literally homework, students still have an assignment. The only difference is the task will be different. Usually, you must complete all questions and works. The quantity is overwhelmed and solving takes more time that reduces the time to rest and sleep. This is not practical homework in the digital era. You only work the same method and most of the questions are repetitive. The issue arises when it affects not just the students but also the parents. They see their kids must work hard without proper guidance. As parents, they will provide support and help. This is where you should consider to know more about parents homework and fun way out.

Doing Homework in the Fun Way

Before finding the best approach regarding this situation, you must understand comprehensively. Giving homework is a new thing in the education system. It is part of learning, training, and educating. You do not learn if only read without completing the task. In learning theory, you have two options to master knowledge and skill. First, you read and explore the subject then find extensive references from various sources. You focus on the core content and expand slowly with several problems. In this stage, you try to know things work from the original. After that, you move into a new step, which is implementing the knowledge. You try and fail then repeat again until you grasp and extend to increase the level of knowledge. The second option is your start from a different point. You learn directly from trying something but failed several times. In the meantime, you gain knowledge from a practical approach while adjusting with the theory. When cannot solve the problem, you find references, books, articles, and publishing material. In this case, you only focus on the issue at hand, not the entire concept. After that, you implement the solution. Repeat this method until you grasp the situation and can solve it immediately. Both are the basis why a student must complete the homework. It is about the learning journey.

Lido Learning

Some students are good with math and the rest are excellent in language. It is definitely difficult to find a person with all skills. You only see him or her in a fantasy world or movie. It does not mean you avoid math and science but focus on a specific subject. Some basics are still important to ensure your life is better. Imagine a person cannot count the simple problem. He or she will have a problem that costs significantly. On the other hand, you only know the math but lack of basic skill of language. You should understand that all knowledge is available out there in the form of writing. Books, articles, journal, and publishing material are the source of information. You can explore more when knowing how to obtain from them. The homework is no longer routine after the content has a specific purpose. Instead of solving the same questions from the textbook, it is time to try something unusual. The kids see this one as fun and exciting. While playing outside with friends, they explore and write a note. The real-life situation has been the best approach in the education system. Most people do not care about abstract concepts because they want something that they can try and experience directly. This is the foundation of how homework should be developed.

Homework becomes fun and enjoyable. It is not enough due to something fun that tends to be last shorter. You will be lack interest after some tasks are not challenging anymore Even though the problem is more varied than the previous one. In this situation, parents can help with resources and supports. Attending school has limited time. Students will go home in the afternoon. They have plenty of time to do homework. To ensure, they have an interest and challenging nature, it is time to try something new called online classes and courses. The internet provides everything and independent children can learn in many ways. It does not mean the parents cannot contribute. With the right reference and source, learning becomes more structural and practical. Instead of trying one by one, it will be better to get the right source. Online course, such as Lido Learning, provides live classes. It is not a list of materials and videos where users only read and watch freely. Moreover, the class has a schedule, and users attend via internet. It is similar to the real school where you sit and see the teacher giving the lesson. The benefit is you save time visiting. Everything is on this platform including material, references, homework, and task.

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