How to Start a T-shirt Store

What is your reasoning for investing in custom t-shirts? As designers, we ask our customers this question when coming up with logo branded shirts before getting started. Before taking into consideration the actual artwork and about the shirt, we want to consider size. Based on your unique company, t-shirts will either be seen from afar, have to be seen up close, or just might serve dual purposes.

Starting an online drop-ship store with products involves several key steps. Most drop-shippers sell to small retail or wholesale customers, as well as to people that own internet vendors. These retail, wholesale or Internet businesses use drop-shippers so they can purchase items in low quantities. They also might need one to ship products for the children. You will need to find your individual wholesale or manufacturer supplier on your online drop-ship store.

Take your time, and research before you buy if you decide to produce a niche store. Look through other online retailers which you like and make use of them to brainstorm T-shirt ideas for your individual business. Jot down something that you think that is impressive, and then take a moment to think about how you can make your online custom t shirts business even better. Ultimately, one can market to any niche that interests you. If you think that there is an untapped market, benefit from it. It’s better to stick out when there’s little competition, and it’ll considerably cheaper, too!

Open an outlet with a drop shipper like Drop shipping companies enable you to submit shirt designs for direct ship for a customer as they are purchased. Drop shippers establish a free storefront for you personally, and you will link it to your regular website along with your social media marketing sites. Drop shippers also handle purchasing and shipping issues, relieving you from that step.


3 Search the NAW (National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors) website at Call and get the NAW if they can give you a set of wholesale suppliers that sell the items you desire. The Thomas Register of American Manufacturers lists potential manufacture suppliers.

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